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Pre-LeBron James Apocalypse links

So, yeah, there's this LeBron James TV thing on tonight at 9 p.m.  To follow all the developments of that story, click here.  But first, some Wizards links to tide you over.

  • Scroll down for updates on Josh Howard and Mike Miller.  The latest with Miller?  He apparently is considering Miami's offer (which isn't technically possible, but I digress) and what South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Ira Winderman is saying is a bigger offer from the Clippers?  The Clippers?  Mike, if you sign there, how can you justify all your "all I want is to win" comments?
  • Speaking of Miller rumors, according to HoopsWorld's Eric Pincus, Miller could get as much as five years and $50 million from the Knicks.  (deep breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAH (deep breath) HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • Today's must-read of the day: Dan Steinberg's take on LeBron James and why Wizards fans were right about him.
  • Kyle Weidie over at Truth About It argues that the salary-cap implications of the Kirk Hinrich deal really aren't that bad.  I have a response for this planned (main argument: not that bad still means not that good), but feel free to check his take out.
  • Kirk Hinrich does a quick interview where he talks about being traded to the Wizards.  I guess this means the trade is done. 
  • JaVale McGee is doing a Summer League video log.  His first video?  Not the most exciting thing in the world, but whatever. 
  • John Wall on LeBron James' TV show, via Wizards Insider:  "That's crazy, having a whole hour [special] to just pick where he's going to go, but hey, he's LeBron James. He can do certain things like that. To market him as the NBA's top player means a lot. Basically he's going to make a decision, and everybody can't wait to see it ... All SportsCenter has been about is LeBron and baseball That's all you're going to see. Hopefully it will end [on Thursday]." I share his desire of this all ending, and I hope he never acts like LBJ.  Also, here's video of the event from Comcast Sports Net.
  • This is pretty barftastic: if this lawsuit is true, LeBron was actually conceived in DC. 
  • Congrats to Brendan Haywood for finally getting paid.  Six years and $55 million sounds like a lot, but I think it's pretty fair value for a starting center.
  • Not Wizards, but Evan Turner hasn't looked very good in Orlando Summer League.
  • Also not Wizards, but this made me laugh. A lot. 
  • Finally, here are some photos of Wall, Trevor Booker and Hamady Ndiaye from yesterday.  This one is my favorite.  Love the Bunny Ears, Great Wall.