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So much for that huge small forward market

Remember how we said a couple weeks ago that the Wizards have tons of small forward options in free agency this summer?  Yeah, about that...

  • Tony Allen got three years and $10 million to play for the Grizzlies.
  • Matt Barnes is maybe heading to Toronto, but it might not work with the salary cap.  Either way, he's probably not an option.
  • Ronnie Brewer got three years and $12.5 million to play for the Bulls.
  • Josh Childress got the full mid-level exception from Phoenix.
  • Richard Jefferson is about to stay in San Antonio.
  • Kyle Korver signed for three years and $15 million with the Bulls.
  • Linas Kleiza got the full mid-level exception from the Raptors
  • Wes Matthews got an insane full mid-level offer from the Blazers.
  • Mike Miller took his talents to South Beach.
  • Anthony Morrow got a three-year, $12 million offer from the Nets, and Travis Outlaw joined him for the full mid-level exception.
  • Quentin Richardson signed with the Magic.
  • Personal favorite Dorrell Wright signed with the Warriors for three years and $11 million.
Therefore, that leaves only Josh Howard, Rasual Butler, Devin Brown, Marquis Daniels, Antoine Wright and Keith Bogans remaining from that original list.  There are other options of course, such as (deep breath) Rodney Carney, Joe Alexander, Michael Finley (shudder), Devean George (shudder), Joey Graham, Stephen Graham, Trenton Hassell, Jarvis Hayes, Dominic McGuire, Tracy McGrady (shudder), Adam Morrison (shudder), Sasha Pavlovic, Bobby Simmons, Jerry Stackhouse, Ime Udoka, Damien Wilkins, Quinton Ross and, of course, Cartier Martin, but ...

Okay, nevermind, let's just open this up.  Who should the Wizards sign to fill the small forward hole?  Should they sign anyone, considering that there are lots of small forwards on the market next year.