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Open thread: Summer League Game 3 vs. Dallas Mavericks

A couple quick tidbits before we open this baby up.

  • Tonight's starting lineup will be John Wall, Lester Hudson, Cartier Martin, Trevor Booker and JaVale McGee. The change is Hudson over Raymar Morgan. Hudson really impressed me in the game against the Clippers, getting to the rim nicely and making heady decisions. Hudson's actually a decent prospect for Summer League, having been drafted by Boston and having played several games for Memphis last year. The Wizards have a crowded backcourt, but Hudson might be a good fit as a third point guard. It'll be interesting to see how he plays off Wall.
  • The Mavericks will start Rodrigue Beaubois, Dominique Jones, J.R. Giddens and Omar Samhan and ... I'm not sure about the fifth guy. Beaubois is obviously the guy to watch, and he'll provide a great test for John Wall defensively.
  • Jones has been very impressive out here in Vegas, making ESPN's David Thorpe's list of top performers. Also on that list: John Wall.
  • Speaking of Thorpe, from talking to him out in Vegas, he actually worked a bit with Yi Jianlian in Florida earlier in the summer. He apparently told Kyle the same thing.
  • Samhan has actually been pretty decent out in Vegas, which is kind of surprising to me. For more on Samhan, check out this profile by The Two Man Game's Rob Mahoney.
  • Dan Steinberg writes about Trevor Booker, aka "Grown Ass Man." Wizznutzz points out the important thing about that term.
  • More Wall madness: some thoughts from Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, who I met and talked to a lot out in Vegas.
  • Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge passes along this thought for all of us to keep in mind as we gush over Wall. It's not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.
  • The Wizards are apparently having a season-ticket holder open house, featuring appearances by Ledell Eackles and Chris Whitney (who the Wizards still technically own the free agent rights to if he ever wanted to come back). (via @jegaynor)
  • Finally, remember how Michael Sweetney wouldn't play for the Wizards Summer League team because of a family emergency? Maybe he was the emergency.
Tonight's game is at 8 on CSN and NBATV. I'm most looking forward to Wall vs. Beaubois, but seeing JaVale go up against the smaller, but smarter Samhan will also be interesting.