What can we conclude from the Wizards stats in the first two Summer League games?

Editor's note, by Mike: Bumped.

I know it is only the Summer League and we have only seen two Wizards games. However, tonight the ESPYs were on and I have refused to watch that mess since its inception. So as I was watching the Clippers and Sofoklis "Big Boy Schorts" Schortsanitis take on the Bulls, the thought hit me... what conclusions, if any, could we draw from the Wizards Summer Leagues stats so far? I know this sounds crazy, but hell I had some time on my hands.


  • To no great surprise the Wizards staff has stuck to its goal of getting John Wall, JaVale McGee and Trevor Booker better prepared for the season by getting them as many minutes as possible. And through the first two games, John is averaging a team high 30.5 MPG, JaVale is second on the team with 27.5 MPG and Trevor is close by with 26.0 MPG. All three players, who the team expects to be in the rotation this season, have been on the floor for more than 60% of the game.

  • Not far behind those three players is Cartier Martin (21 MPG). However, it appears that Martin's minutes were directly affected by the 27.5 minutes that Nick Young played in the second game. In the Wizards first game, Cartier played 27 minutes and in the second game his minutes played dropped to 15.

  • At first glance I was surprised that Hamady N'Diaye was only averaging 9.5 MPG, but given that all indications are that JaVale will be the Wizards starter at Center this season - and he can use as much experience as possible – that means that there are fewer available minutes for Hamady. Considering the Wizards recent signing of Hilton Armstrong and the fact that Andray Blatche and Yi Jianlian can play a few minutes at Center, I can't help but wonder if Hamady is destined to spend some time in the D League this fall?

  • Coming into the Summer League I was hoping to see if Sun Yue could play PG on the NBA level. Based on information that I was able to find on him, he appears to be an intriguing player to have on your bench. Sun Yue, the 6'9" PG (even though he is listed as a 6'7" SF) appears to fit the strategy that Ernie Grunfeld has been employing so far this off season, picking up low risk players who were once high potential prospects. Yue was once a high second round pick of the Lakers, who after he finally came to the NBA, played only sparingly for the Lakers before being assigned to the D League. He did collect a championship ring as a member of the Lakers. Given Yue's measurables, potential, versatility, and anticipated low cost it would be nice to see if he can prove himself worthy of an invitation to training camp and see if he can earn a spot on the team. A guy who can potentially play three positions can be a valuable asset for this team – assuming that he can prove he is worth the roster spot. My hope is that he gets more than 8.5 MPG to show what he can... or can not do.

  • Lester Hudson appears to be taking advantage of the 14 MPG when he is on the floor. The 6'3" 190 lbs PG is averaging 7 PPG while shooting 0.500 from the floor. He is also averaging 3.5 RPG, 1.0 SPG and 0 TOs. On the downside, he is only averaging 0.5 APG and his three point shot (25%) has been inconsistent.

With three games left, it will be interesting to see if the distribution of minutes changes. Will some of the players who have not received as many minutes begin to see their time on the floor increase? Or has the coaching staff, between mini-camp, practices and scrimmages, seen enough from those players to know that increases are not warranted? Three games in the next three days should provide us with further evidence.

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