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SB Nation DC and Bullets Forever: What it all means


So yeah, this is SB Nation's brand new DC regional site. It's one of 20 new regional sites that are launching over the next 20 days, all as part of a new SB Nation initiative to expand our grassroots, fan-to-fan perspective into the regional level.  I'm the managing editor of the new site, and we have a fabulous list of contributors, many of which you all probably know.  You can scroll down the page and see the list, but it includes Jake Whitacre, Kyle from Truth About It and our very own Sean Fagan. If I do say so myself, there's already some pretty incredible stuff on there, so I really hope you go check it out and become a regular reader there.

Obviously, this is an incredibly exciting development for all of us, and it's been something I've been working hard to get off the ground for the past couple months.  For more on the site, go herehere and here.  But what will this all mean for Bullets Forever?  I'll try to answer some of those questions below the jump.

How will this affect this site?

In terms of content, nothing will change.  However, we do believe this will enhance what we already do here.   SB Nation DC and our team blogs will complement each other, and that is going to be the case for this community as well.  First of all, one of the primary goals of our regional sites is to drive people to and promote the content of our team blogs.  That means you'll see more of your posts in more places.  You'll notice, for example, that many of the FanPosts are marked as "SB Nation DC Editor's Picks."  Those are FanPosts that I'll be picking to feature on the regional site from all our team blogs.  There's also a new "Wizards Fan Confidence" button on the left side, where you can rate how confident you feel about the state of the team right now.  That will also show up on the regional page.  I'll also be throwing links on Half Smokes every morning to stuff the team blogs are doing.  

In addition, the content on SB Nation DC will not be the same as the content here.  SB Nation DC will act as a general site for DC sports, with news, analysis and opinion on all the DC teams from the fan perspective.  Our team blogs, including this one, will then come in with even more in-depth analysis and an even more tight-knit community around the team.  

Why do this now?

We've always had the infrastructure at SB Nation to do something like this, but we've never put it together.  Grassroots sports coverage has always been our strength, but now, we can have a place to tie in all the local things we already do that people may not know about.  Many people come to our team blogs and don't realize they're part of a larger company.  Hopefully this helps solve that.

What will this mean for you all?

Just so we're clear: Jake and I are not leaving you all.  We will continue to write for this site, and we have no plans of going anywhere.  At the same time, as you've probably noticed, we have added a couple new front-page writers to help out with the site, and that'll will probably continue to happen.  If you're interested in writing for this site, send me an email and let me know.

Anything else?

Put it in the comments section, and I'll try to address it.