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Rumor: Wizards Already Have their SF in Josh Childress?

According to (in Russian), the Wizards have just about agreed to a deal with Josh Childress, he of the amazing hairdo. As you may know, Childress starred at Stanford many moons ago, so Grunfeld is very familiar with him. I also recall that the Wizards were very interested in drafting him back in 2004

Atlanta still own his rights, and according to, he is basically a restricted FA, so the Hawks would have the right to match any offer the Wiz make. An article I see says Childress can opt out of his Greece deal after each season, so the Wizards would then not have to pay Olympiakos anything over what we offer Childress. I cannot find anything on deal specifics.

I am not sure what to think. I like him better than Al Thornton, but not as much as Josh Howard. His metrics from his NBA days are excellent, with a TS% that ranked 2nd in the league at least once I hear. He is at least a solid player, but I prefer the Wizards ride a youth movement and basically go digging for gold in the draft and free agency. Childress appears to be too much of a known commodity, and that fact that he is available to any team indicates that we have the most interest in him, and that unless he really exceeds expectations, the Wizards are not buying low.