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Video and photos from John Wall's Reebok unveiling today

wall president
wall president

I swear, I'm done writing about shoes after this.

I wrote a lot about John Wall's Reebok event here, and while I was able to sit in a lot on his media day press conference today, it was also pretty cramped, and I was running around gathering stuff for an story.  So for now, here's some video and audio from today's Reebok unveiling.

Check it all out below the jump:

First, Wall is introduced

Next, he poses for pictures

Then, he talks to Bullets Forever (!)

Finally, Bullets Forever talks to Todd Krinsky, Reebok's head of sports and entertainment marketing

And now, some photos...


The shoe in the light



The shoe in the dark (whoa...).


The whole setup


Wall with Reebok president Uli Becker


The man of the hour


Wall with Prinsky


Wall flanked by Prinsky and Becker


And here's the shoe, one more time.

And finally, here's Wall's new Reebok commercial, which will air tomorrow night.