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NBA Draft Rumors Thread

Editor's Note: This will double up as the pre-draft open thread.

Consider this a place to drop any rumor of any kind you see over the next couple days.  I'll start with this news from Woj:

Working to clear as much salary-cap space as possible for free agency, the Miami Heat have agreed in principle to trade Daequan Cook and the 18th overall pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for the No. 32 selection in the draft, sources told Yahoo! Sports.    

Ugh.  Exactly the trade I wanted the Wizards to make.  Where were they?  And as much as Cook kind of sucks, he's not the worst $2.1 million investment.  

UPDATE: Via David Aldridge:

Chicago and Washington have also expressed interest in Rudy Fernandez, 25, who was acquired from Phoenix in 2007 on Draft night and signed with Portland the following summer. The Bulls would like to move their first-round pick, 17th overall, for Fernandez. The Wizards offered guard Nick Young for Fernandez but were turned down.    

Hey Blazers, we want your shooting guard prospect, and are willing to give you back our inferior shooting guard prospect.  Wait, why are you hanging up the phone?

UPDATE: Okay, here's a bombshell from Draft Express:

Hearing some chatter from a trusted NBA source about a potential Gilbert Arenas for Vince Carter trade in the works. Wonder how real it is.    

Carter, obviously, would come as part of a salary dump.  He has a partially-guaranteed contract for 2011/12.  

UPDATE: Nevermind. Michael Lee tweets this:

Was told Wiz & ORL talked about Arenas-Carter swap, but conversation didn't get far. One prominent player agent said, "Not going to happen."    

UPDATE: Lee says the Wizards are trying to move into the lottery, but don't have many trade pieces. He's forgetting the cap space we have that would allow us to take back a bad contract.