John Wall, does he have a shoe contract?

I Googled it today and couldn'f find a definitive answer. I believe the answer is he doesn't yet have a deal, but that there have been reports that Reebok might be pursuing John Wall.

I'm not into basketball shoes, so why do I ask?

I ask because I think historically speaking it seems to be important for franchise players to be part of the Nike fraternity because they'll be able to get access to a star studded support system with their peers.

Generally speaking, the players who endorse Addidas or Reebok are odd ball type of players and these kind of players seem to be on an island by themselves with few peer support, and so these players have to overcome a lot to get themselves and their teams into the limelight. I'm talking about guys like KG, Iverson, Chauncey, and obviously Gilbert.

The Nike guys seem to fraternize more and have a more robust support system so they are not on an island by themselves. LeBron, Kevin Durant, CP3, the list goes on and on for Nike players who have their marketing personality and their work ethic impacted by Nike and Nike's system.

Now, someone like KG you don't really worry about but guys like Iverson and Gilbert could have used a better support system throughout their careers. Even KG...if he had more support from his peers (I'm talking current & former MVP caliber players), they would have talked him out of being so stubbornly tied to a sorry Minnesota franchise for as long as he was.

You could even argue (as Agent Zero once did) that Olympic team selections are largely influenced by your shoe deals.

Honestly, this wouldn't even be an issue for me if we didn't have the #1 pick and the chance to bring in a game changer like John Wall. So when we do have an opportunity like this, I believe it is worth exploring every potential angle, including this one with shoe contracts.

So, let's please hope that Nike wants Wall and the feeling is mutual from Wall's side.

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