Sports Science with John Wall

"You take the vision of Steve Nash and the dunking ability of Derrick Rose and you get John Wall"
I'm watching this right now on ESPN and it was amazing


thanks to
Speedytosin for posting the links

Wall started the segment out doing full court sprints. The commentator said his clocked speed bested those of Chris Paul and Derron Williams. Also, Wall is faster with the ball than Kevin Durant is without one.

While staring at the rim, JW threw a behind the back pass through one of three targets that randomly turned green, almost 90% to left of his forward vision.

Then he displayed that 39" vertical with several dunks. His leaping ability was greater than Kobe Bryant who was the 1996 Slam Dunk Champ. Though John is about three inches shorter than Kobe, that's still very impressive. Considering how lame the dunk competition has been the last few years, John Wall could really take over all-star weekend even if he wasn't voted to the team.

Wall is the man. As ridiculous as it sounds, I really don't think we're excited enough about this kid.

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