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Evan Turner refuses to work out for Wizards because ... well, I don't know

We already knew that the Wizards were not planning on having Evan Turner in for an individual workout. What we didn't know, though, is that this was Turner's doing, not the Wizards'.

Via Michael Lee:

Was told today that Wiz tried to set up workout with Evan Turner - some within org really like him - but were denied on several occasions.

Specifically, David Falk and Turner's representatives denied the Wizards' request. Why? Lee said Falk told him he was just focusing on Philly.

Which is, uh, strange. One measly workout with the Wizards changes nothing about Philly. Turner is a professional basketball player fully capable of doing workouts on multiple days in multiple cities (it's not even a far journey between the two cities!). If the Wizards really had people in the organization who were intrigued by him, it makes no sense to pass up the chance to, you know, impress them. Perhaps Falk felt it was a lost cause, but does it really make sense to ever deny your client even the slightest chance of, you know, being the number one pick in the draft?

(Sorry, lots of you knows. They're there for effect, because this all, you know, boggles my mind).

That leaves only one possible explanation: Falk still holds a grudge against the organization for how Abe Pollin treated Michael Jordan. Oh wait, that's not it either. Via Lee again:

Not @ all. Falk loves Ted (hired MJ), despised Abe Pollin (fired MJ) RT @mdotbrown: Could that have anything to do with their previous GM?

So ... yeah, I'm stumped. Whatever. Enjoy Philly or wherever you end up, Evan. We'll enjoy John Wall.