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Presenting SB Nation Team Pick

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I've said this a lot, but Bullets Forever is ultimately a site that's powered by its readers, not its writers.  Like all of SB Nation as a whole, the lifeblood of what we do is you all.  You are the ones that make this site, and by extension this network, as powerful and compelling as it is.

So it is with great pleasure that I want to make you all aware of SB Nation Team Pick, our new initiative to try to bring all you loyal readers the kinds of goods services that we think sports fans want.  Basically, it's a new program that allows you to have access to all sorts of special discounts on things sports fans love.  Stuff like game tickets, restaurants, bars and other local attractions.  If you're familiar with GroupOn, it's pretty similar to that, except more tailored to your interests as sports fans.  

To have access to these deals, all you have to do is click this link to sign up.  We will e-mail you with all the latest deals - and don't worry, there will only be one or two a week and you can always opt out.  

The first giveaway is $20 worth of food, drinks and games for just $10 at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle.  I've been there many times and I'm a fan, personally.  It's a great place for World Cup games, Wizards games and if you just want to hang out and play pool, shuffleboard or darts.  This deal expires on Thursday, so sign up before then to have access to it.