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Gilbert Arenas in good spirits at halfway house, but is icing his knee

UPDATE: Gil's been let out of the halfway house, and reportedly didn't remember the combination to his house lock.  Hah!

With Gilbert Arenas set to finish his 30-day sentence in a halfway house soon, the Washington Post checks in on how he's doing.  Arenas seems to be in good spirits, keeping a low profile while spending most of his free time watching TV and playing a bit of pickup basketball.  He's currently doing his community service at the New Beginnings Youth Development Center in Laurel, where he's serving as a mentor for juvenile offenders.  For staying out of trouble, he's received increased privileges such as his own room and the ability to go work out at Gold's Gym in Rockville during nights.  

So it all sounds fine.  Except there's also this line, casually dropped into the article well into the second page.

As for basketball, one troubling piece of information from the residents: Arenas has to ice his bad knee afterward.  

It could be nothing, because I saw Arenas icing his knee several times this year and it didn't seem like it was ever a problem when he was playing.  But it's also something to watch, especially because he's probably off his normal training schedule right now.