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2009/10 BF Wizards season-ending awards: Play of the Year

UPDATE: Poll's closed. Writeup coming later.

I apologize for the delay here, but I have an excuse: there just weren't that many highlight plays this year.


(Okay, that was lame, sorry. Your nominees, with video, below the jump. And yes, there will be a vote for worst play of the year.)

Caron Butler's game-winning jumper over the Orlando Magic

Shaun Livingston delivers the sick behind-the-back pass to Al Thornton

Andray Blatche throws it down on Mehmet Okur, then gets a T for taunting.

Shaun Livingston shows Pau Gasol some hops I didn't think he had

Nick Young dunks in the general vicinity of Hamed Haddadi

JaVale McGee winds up and delivers a facial on Big Baby Davis

Al Thornton hits an improbable game-tying three-pointer against the Bobcats

Caron Butler dunks on Andrew Bogut

Antawn Jamison with his trickiest trick shot yet

Andray Blatche chases down Kevin Garnett

Gilbert Arenas beats the buzzer for the only time this year