Online Petition: Support for renaming Washington Wizards

Editor's Note: morethesamewiz deserves a ton of credit for setting this up.  I highly encourage everyone who feels this way to sign the petition.  Just to clarify: it does not specifically advocate bringing back the "Bullets" nickname.  It just suggests finding a better nickname than "Wizards" that would represent the city better. 

A petition entitled "In support of renaming the Washington Wizards" is located at

To sign the petition:

1) Go to the website for the Petition

2) Enter your name and email address

3) Click sign

Your name will be posted, your email address will not be posted.

After you click sign, your signature is recorded.  After your signature is recorded, the host website Ipetitions gives you the option of making a donation to it.  This is completely separate from and not endorsed or encouraged in any way by myself or the petition.

I have faith in Ted Leonsis and his heartfelt desire to learn more about the fans of the Washington Wizards (the team not the name) as he receives ownership of the team from the Pollin family. 

The subject of the team's name has spawned a great level of discussion and debate.  Although there are a variety of opinions, it appears that a sizeable majority support a name change.  I feel that the clearest way to present the opinions of the fans to the organization is through a petition.

The petition does not advocate for any particular nickname, but rather supports the general proposal of changing the name from Wizards.  I felt that this more modest proposal might receive closer consideration from Ted Leonsis. 

The petition does ask for your email address, however that is only in order to limit multiple signatures from the same supporter.  IPetition sends a one-time email acknowledging your signature of the petition, which states that "This email is a one-time correspondence from iPetitions to confirm your petition signature and you will not be contacted again regarding  this matter. You are not part of any iPetitions mailing list and there is nothing  to "unsubscribe" from."

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.