Draft Combine athletic testing results - John Wall rocks !

The Draft Combine pre-draft athletic testing results have been published. DraftExpress has them added to their sortable database, and ESPN has published them as well.

As expected, John Wall tested out exceptionally well. He was the best athlete at the Combine with a 39" vertical leap, 10.83 in the Lane agility drills, and 3.14 in the 3/4 court sprint.

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Wall's numbers compared favorably to Derrick Rose's 2009 results - 42" max vertical, 11.69 Lane Agility and 3.05 sprint.

Someone else to keep an eye on is Trevor Booker, an undersized (6' 7.5") Power Forward from Clemson. He "only" had a 36" vertical leap (top 10), but was actually FASTER than Wall (and everyone else) in the 3/4 court sprint at 3.10 and was in the top 10 in the lane agility drills at 11.15. The surprising part was that he bench-pressed 185 pounds 22 times, second best at the combine. He's currently listed as a mid-late second round pick; but that kind of athleticism and strength will get him a second (and third) look, despite his relatively short stature for a PF.

Another player that impressed was super athlete Derrick Favors. His Max Vertical was 35.5", and his Maximum Vertical reach was 12' 1.5" - - - In the last couple of years, only Greg Oden (12' 2") , JaVale McGee (12' 3") , Solomon Jones (12' 4") and Rudy Gay (12' 3.70") were better in the Maximum Vertical Reach test. (Rudy Gay??? Really?). Standing 6' 10.25", weighing in at 240 pounds and with a 7' 4" wingspan, Favors has the physical tools to play either Center or Power Forward. There could be a chance that Philly takes Favors at # 2 over Evan Turner. There are questions whether Iguodala and Turner can play together. Favors is not ready to step right in to the starting Center job this year, but he could play behind Samuel Dalembert (expiring contract) and step in next year.

Speaking of Turner - his results, as expected, didn't turn any heads. His maximum vertical was 34.5-inches (17th). His lane agility results (11.06) were pretty good (7th); but he was 17th in the sprint (3.27) tied with big man Larry Sanders.

Wes Johnson put up some excellent results ... with a 37" max vertical jump. He was able to reach 11' 11" on his maximum vertical reach. His lane agility was good (11.43) and his sprint results (3.14) were excellent - and he bench pressed 185 pounds 16 times. Strength, agility, speed and athleticism; Wes Johnson has it all. Someone is gonna get a monster Small Forward when they draft him.

Demarcus Cousins was a mixed bag. His max vertical was a pedestrian 27.5". If it had not been for guys like Keith "Tiny" Gallon (3.70) and Derrick Character (3.61), Cousins (3.55) would have been dead last in the sprint ......but he was surprisingly good in the Lane Agility drills at 11.40 - or maybe not so surprising, since footwork, coordination and agility are his strengths.

Patrick Patterson continues to impress with a very good 11.14 in the lane agility drills; best of the big men. His max vertical was "only" 33.5 inches, but he bench pressed 185 pounds 17 times. Patterson returned to Kentucky for his Junior year and will graduate with his full 4-year degree in 3 years. That's impressive. But just as impressive is the fact that with Freshmen big men Cousins and Daniel Orton, Calipari asked Patterson to play more on the perimeter. Patterson responded with an excellent year, shooting over 57% from the floor (35% from 3-point) while developing a nice mid-range jump shot. Combined that with his excellent physical measurements (6' 9", 240 pounds, 7' 1" Wingspan, 5.3% body fat) - his excellent interviews and the fact that he impresses in individual workouts ; Patterson should move up. I wouldn't be surprised if he is picked in the top 10.

You can see all the results at DraftExpress ; or ESPN (Insider required)

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