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The official John Wall Wizards rap

As some of you know, BF user ThaCaronic creates rap tracks in his spare time.  Back when the Wizards were playing poorly, he gave us this gem advocating for a complete blow up.  But now, we're all happy, and so is he.  

So to commemorate what most likely will be the beginning of the John Wall era, ThaCaronic decided it was time to create a John Wall rap.  He calls it "Do the J-Wall," and you can listen to it by clicking on the link below.  Full lyrics below the jump.

John Wall rap 


J- Wall, do the J-Wall

J- Wall, do the J-Wall

J- Wall, do the J-Wall

Pump that bicep, in and out ya'll

Welcome down to DC

Call it Chocolate City

If there one thing, we can agree

You the top dogg  like this emcee

Yo Welcome to town John you the #1 pick

If Ernie goes with Turner, he might as well quit

You a down souf kid, like biscuit and grits

He as good as gets at giving point guards fits

Ha, he just a wild cat yall

But got that quick cross-over that you can't combat yall (no way)

And hey maybe his Js a little flat yall

But with him we no longer Nba doormats yall

Welcome to the Wall of Chinatown

Seacacus, NJ is where it all went down

Young Irene turn a frown upside down

Now the Wiz be world renown (chyeah right)

Not to misrepresent at least now they fuckin' relevant

A playoff spot they we got the scent

Chocolate city what we represent (that's what's up)


Truth wrote dat Wall the perfect match for Gil

Got so excited ask my girl "you on the pill?"

Grab some bubbly,  it's time to celebrate

Cuz now for west coast games I be stayin' up late

Man Ted youza lucky charm

Draft so hot I pull the fiyah alarm

Now ya got cyber space buzzin free agent market

And we already know that Blatche is the hot shit

Yeah Andray Blatche is the hot shit

This a Dipset remix and a post J-Wall fix

A post J-Wall fix

Get ya post J-Wall fix