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NBA Draft Lottery is TODAY! What are your good luck charms?

Well, today's the day we've been pointing to for months.  Today is when we find out whether our franchise has any sort of luck.  The moment is just 12 hours away, and I'm really anxious.  It's weird being this anxious for something you have no control over, but I'm used to it with this franchise.  

For some reason, I have a good feeling today.  Don't get it twisted: this draft will not determine the course of the franchise in the next 10 years.  If we don't win the lottery, all hope is not lost.  At the same time - it's a pretty big deal, and somehow capitalizing on that 10.3% chance would do wonders for the speed of our rebuild.  I'm eternally hoping for the best.  (As a reminder, the 10.3% chance means we have one out of every ten possible four-ping pong ball combinations that are used to determine who gets the top pick.  If three teams below the fifth-most odds jump in front of us, we'll pick eighth.  We cannot pick fourth).

So on today's day of reckoning, I ask everyone - what are your good luck charms?  What are you doing today to try to swing fate to our side?  Are you wearing something special?  If so, take a picture and share it.  Don't be shy - it's totally normal to have weird superstitions.  We're fans.  We're not GMs.

Me? I'm wearing my GIlbert Arenas shirt and will be staring at this image above my desk all day.  As good luck charms go, it's not much, but it's all I got.