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Some Wizards links to tide you over

Today's player evaluation might be a tad later than yesterday's because of real work stuff.  In the meantime, some quick links:

  • Michael Lee catches up once again with Antawn Jamison, and Jamison once again talks about how depressed he was here by the end, how much he wanted this group to work and how happy he is to be in Cleveland.
  • Lee also fills in some more details on the Pollin family "Living for the city" event.
  • Mike Jones takes a look back at recent Wizards draft history on
  • Famed blogger/blog commentor Unsilent Majority (@Unsilenttells Truth About It how much he grew to appreciate Jamison this year. 
  • ESPN Page 2's Patrick Hruby praises Ted Leonsis for taking down the Mystics attendance banners and thinks that's a sign of better things to come. 
  • Washington Wizards blog posts the last interview Shaun Livingston gave this year.
  • If you're into the Mystics, here's a really good season preview by Ben York of SLAM Online. 
  • Finally, Mike James went on TheKnicksBlog radio last night (around the 50 minute mark) and continued to complain about how the Wizards treated him.  He said Flip Saunders was "the wrong type of coach" for this team and told him to stay home on road trips (isn't it typical not to bring inactive people on the road?).  He also talked a bit about the Gilbert Arenas situation.