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Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics: Regular Season Game 79 Open Thread

I spent all afternoon competing in a blogger "athletic" competition with the rest of the editorial team (we're going to post video next week). I finished in last place, though I did run a far better mile than I expected. It would be nice for the Wizards to cheer me up a bit tonight.

(I'm kidding - it was just for fun and I had a great time. They got me on the strength events; I got last, last and tied for last in those).

Anyway, our Wizards signed Cartier Martin for the last four games of the season, which was pretty much a formality unless the player's name is Alonzo Gee. Also, Andray Blatche vowed not to talk trash to Kevin Garnett tonight, because doing so is obviously a terrible crime (not). Put it this way, if we created a top ten list of "what are you doing, Dray?" moments, trash talking KG would probably be 325th. Maybe 225th.

Finally, Brian Scalabrine is a goofy dude, but he's also really cool. I know this because Scal came to a Brandeis hoops game my junior year, since one of their assistant coaches also did a lot of work with him on his game. If you come out to a D-III basketball game, you get extra points in my book.