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Bullets Forever Bracket Madness Results

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Before the winner is announced, first I must commend all of you.  No one in the Bullets Forever Bracket Madness group sold their souls and put Duke as the National Champion in their bracket.  While it dramatically lowered the score of everyone who participated, all of you managed to maintain your integrity.  Kudos to all of you.

As for the winner, give it up for NOVAHOOSIER who correctly predicted West Virginia and Butler would be in the Final Four.  Correctly picking two teams in the Final Four may not seem like a winning bracket at first, but getting half of the Final Four right is more than anyone else can claim in this year's contest.  Heck, I managed to finish ninth despite having a Final Four consisting of Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Wisconsin.  

It was a crazy, crazy tournament this year, and for navigating the madness better than anyone else this season, NOVAHOOSIER wins a free Big Game James shirt from the Bullets Forever store.  NOVAHOOSIER lives in the great state of Indiana, making the prize even more fitting.  If you recall, James Singleton had a career game against the Pacers last month, putting up 19 points and 21 rebounds.

Once again, congratulations to NOVAHOOSIER on winning this year's contest and thanks to everyone who participated.