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New Jersey Nets vs. Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 75 Open Thread

A couple quick notes from shootaround:

  • Al Thornton and Quinton Ross are out tonight.  Nick Young will start again.
  • Sam Cassell shot so many pull-up jumpers in transition that the shot should practically be named "The Cassell."  So it should come as no surprise that Cassell was working very hard with Shaun Livingston on that shot before the game.  I couldn't tell you exactly what Cassell was saying, but it had something to do with properly balancing your hips as you stop and pull up.  Livingston was struggling with the shot in warmups.
  • The Nets have played really well recently, but they're still the Nets.  How do I know?  Flip Saunders scoffed at my question asking whether there was anything the Wizards could learn from their experience of losing so much and not letting it beat down their confidence
  • Flip also said the team doesn't get enough easy baskets right now, and said they miss Thornton's ability to get out in transition.
  • Someone suggested to Saunders that his demeanor hasn't changed since training camp and asked Saunders how he's prevented himself from "snapping."  This is interesting because, well, to me, Saunders has snapped several times this year (not a bad thing necessarily, just saying, he has).  Saunders rambled on for a while with his answer, but singled out Andray Blatche, Shaun Livingston and JaVale McGee as guys who have "gotten better."  He did not include Nick Young with that group.  Psychoanalysts, tell me what this means.