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Introducing two newcomers to the BF team!

With the Wizards coming up on one of the biggest, most interesting summers in franchise history, it's high time for BF to start expanding our coverage.  

In that vein, I want to welcome two new members to the BF front-page team.  Please welcome Jon Kelman and John Park Williams.

Kelman posts as Marion's Crackpipe on the DC sports blog DC Landing Strip.  You might recognize his interviews with Nick Young, as well as his other Wizards content, which you can find here.  His first post should go up sometime in the next few days.  Williams, you all know well, since he is the artist formerly known as homerandflanders.  He's finishing up his law school semester right now, but you should definitely hear from him a lot in the future.

I'm really excited to have both these guys aboard.  Please welcome them here.