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Suggestion Thread for Ted Leonsis, version 2.0

A while back, morethesamewiz posted a FanPost to act as a suggestion box for Ted Leonsis once he inevitably became the new Wizards owner.  I can't seem to find the post, so we're going to start over and use this space to make recommendations about Ted's next course of action (sorry morethesamewiz).  

Before you think we're wasting our time here - Ted is notorious for being very fan-friendly and transparent.  He spends a lot of time reading and writing stuff on the Internet, particularly from the fans of the teams he owns.  I know he's read some of the stuff posted on here before and I'm guessing he'll read stuff going forward.  In other words, don't think these are empty suggestions.  I'm guessing he'll see them.

Anyway, fire away.  I'll keep this thread up all day and all weekend so that we can all make our suggestions.  Anything goes, whether it's a specific personnel move or a more subtle move like improving building operations.  This is your platform, folks.