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Once again, it's time to cast your ballots

Every Tuesday during the off-season, we run a weekly post called Pollin' where we ask for your input on an issue regarding the season that just finished or the season to come. Sometimes we'll ask for your opinion about what has transpired over the last season. Sometimes we'll throw out questions solely for the sake of stirring up compelling debate. And sometimes, we'll ask you what you think will happen in the upcoming season.

This off-season, the tradition begins once again, with the small change of moving to Wednesday instead of Tuesday. But before we begin, let's take a look back at our collective predictions about last season.

  • 71% of you predicted that Antawn Jamison's rebounds per 36 minutes would be higher than they were in 2008/09, but not as high as they were in his career year of 2007/08. 71% of you were wrong. They actually dropped by one-tenth of a rebound per 36 this season compared to last season. Of course, his average went up three-tenths after he was dealt to Cleveland.
  • Only 23% of you correctly predicted that Nick Young and JaVale McGee together would play more than 30 minutes per game.
  • You were asked how the Wizards would fare in their first ten games of the season. Only 10 of the 269 who voted correctly predicted the Wizards would go 3-7 to start the season.
Suffice to say, our collective ability to forecast the future needs some work. So this week, we'll start off with an opinion-based question to give everyone some time to dig up their Miss Cleo outfits.