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New shirt at the Bullets Forever store

Lousy T-Shirt
Lousy T-Shirt

Anyone who has been a Wizards fan over the last 30 years has become accustomed to misery and disappointment.  We've been through the Michael Jordan era, the Kwame Brown era, and even a season where Pervis Ellison and Michael Adams were the team's leading scorers.  It's been rough, but I'm not sure any of that could compare to what this team has dealt with this season with the underperforming, bickering, extended losing streaks, and the occasional gun joke.

The future is looks brighter with three picks in this year's draft, including a lottery pick, and gobs of cap space to bring an impact player or players to town.  Still, those of us who have gone through the trials and tribulations of this season should not forget times like these when the good times roll around again.

When the Wizards are competing for a championship a century 50 years 25 years a decade from now, you'll want to have something to remind fans who are jumping on the bandwagon of what they missed during tough times like these.  With our latest addition to the Bullets Forever store, "I survived the 2009/10 season and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt" you now have that chance.  

You can order the shirt right here for the low, low price of $17.65, plus shipping and handling.  We keep the prices low, because cap space is nice for roster flexibility, but those savings aren't headed to your pocket anytime soon.

[All design credits belong to Paul Wisse, who once again delivered in a big way in putting this shirt together.]