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Wizards get blown out, turned over, pushed around by Bucks in loss

Oh well.  These kinds of games are going to happen to this team.  The talent level just isn't good enough.  Plus, Milwaukee's playing really well right now and they're one team we can never count on outhustling.  

Quick bullets:

  • Andray Blatche obviously didn't play great, but he still put up decent numbers against a tenacious defense.  That's ultimately a good thing for his development.  
  • Like JaVale McGee's game for the most part.  He held Bogut down pretty well, though the Bucks scored a ton of points by running pick and rolls at JaVale.
  • Mike Miller was invisible, passing up a wide open layup at one point (no surprise).  Al Thornton was invisible and got killed on defense by John Salmons and Jerry Stackhouse (surprise).
  • Nick Young needs to stop shooting.  Earl Boykins needs to make better decisions.  But you knew that already.
  • Randy Foye was okay with his shot, but not great with his decision-making.  Kyle's analysis of Foye was great, but the bottom line is a point guard who is incapable of getting into the lane will not be a consistent player.
  • Milwaukee has a lot of guys I didn't think I'd like, but I do.  Ersan Ilyasova.  Carlos Delfino.  Luke Ridnour.  It's a Scott Skiles team.
We'll get 'em on Friday.  I hope.