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Gilbert Arenas sentencing day open thread

As you probably know, today (2:30 in the afternoon, to be precise) is the day that Gilbert Arenas is scheduled to go before the judge to learn whether he will receive any jail time.  To recap: prosecutors are recommending three months in jail, three years' probation and 300 hours of community service, while the defense is asking for no jail time and merely probation and community service.

If you're not sure what's going to happen, this Q&A by ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson (thanks BayAreaBullet for posting) is a pretty good guide.  Munson seems to think Arenas will, in fact, get some jail time. 

Anyway, here's your open thread to talk everything Arenas today.  Any predictions on what you think he'll actually get?

UPDATE: True Hoop's Henry Abbott spells out something that's been bothering me about the prosecution's case.  Basically, the prosecution argues that this was no joke and that it was premeditated.  But here's the thing, as Abbott writes.

Everything they say about the danger of the situation, the disrespect and all that, is undoubtedly true. But that in no way disproves the notion that it was also, in addition to all that, a joke. 

Abbott compares the situation to the Joe Pesci scene in "Goodfellas."  It's probably a small point, but I'm glad Henry articulated something that was bugging me as well.

UPDATE: Because I'm sure you're asking, here's what noted Collective Bargaining Agreement expert Larry Coon tweets about how today affects the possibility of the Wizards voiding his contract.

Right.... RT @Hoopdata: If Gil gets sentenced to jail time, it doesn't have any effect on whether Wiz can void contract or not, right?    

[As far as I know], the felony conviction is the important thing, not the sentence he receives.    

I suppose the Wizards could argue that Arenas going to jail brought even more embarrassment to the franchise than a mere felony conviction, thereby strengthening their moral turpitude case, but considering how much of an effect this has already had on the team, that seems like a dubious case.  

UPDATEThis article by SLAM's Jake Appleman is really well done, because it captures all sides of Gilbert Arenas.  And I'm not just saying that because BF got a shoutout.   

UPDATE: Mike Jones tweets that Gilbert Arenas has put on some weight.