Washington Post: Prosecutors recommend Gilbert Arenas get three months in jail


They also recommend he get three months years probation and do 300 hours of community service. UPDATE: Adrian Wojanrowski reports that Gilbert sent a mass text message to his friends telling them his phone will be shut off until Friday (the sentencing date) and that he'll call them if he wants them. I have no idea how Woj found this out. Maybe Gil considers him a friend? UPDATE: Here's a copy of the prosecution's full brief, which alleges that Arenas has changed his story in a self-serving matter. The Washington City Paper reprints Arenas' text messages to a teammate that show Arenas covered this up. I'm curious to hear the defense's take on all of this. UPDATE: Woj reports Arenas' defense team sent out a "sentencing memorandum" that includes mostly character endorsements. Sigh. I was hoping for a response to the facts presented by the prosecution. UPDATE: I just got a copy of the sentencing memo. I'm going to need some time to look this over, but the memo does say that "Mr. Arenas’ intent that day, though terribly misguided, was neither malicious nor violent in any way." UPDATE: Here's a copy of the defense's memo. Feel free to peruse.