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Keys to the Palace: Eleven isn't heaven when you're losing

Four games this week, four more losses.  Just like last week, everyone gets a lock for not breaking into the win column.  Also just like last week, everyone gets one word for every loss during the Wizards' current losing streak.  If things don't turn around soon, Keys to the Palace could get very wordy in the next few weeks.

Andray Blatche: His double-double on a gimpy ankle against L.A. was admirable.

Earl Boykins: Only played more than ten minutes twice last week.  Bad omen.

Randy Foye: It was a bad week to be a guard from Villanova.

Alonzo Gee: Still doesn't know what its like to win an NBA game.

Shaun Livingston: Did you know he could still dunk?  I know I didn't.

JaVale McGee: This doesn't help his chances of getting in the dunk contest.

Dominic McGuire: Sorry, I had to throw him in for old times' sake.

Mike Miller: The poor guy probably doesn't remember what the playoffs are like.

Fabricio Oberto:  I'm glad to see everything is still well with his heart.

Quinton Ross: He played just over 10 minutes during this week's Western swing.

James Singleton: His alma mater gave him bragging rights in the locker room.

Al Thornton: Fouled out twice this week.  Lay off the hacking there, Al.

Nick Young: Nick scores more per game against the Lakers than anyone else.

Flip Saunders: Coach deserves credit for keeping the last three games relatively competitive.