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Keys to the Palace: Seven isn't heaven when you're losing

Playing five games in seven days, including three on consecutive nights isn't easy on the body.  The team has played admirably in light of their unusual circumstances,  Still, a seven game losing streak is a seven game sling streak and you can't give anyone a free pass in light of such a slump.  

This week, instead of handing out keys, guest passes, and locks, here are seven words to summarize each player's week.

Andray Blatche: Extra defenders are headed in his direction.

Earl Boykins: Don't look now, Livingston stole his minutes.

Randy Foye: Without improvement, he might lose minutes too.

Alonzo Gee: Has a PER of 26.7.  Not bad.

Shaun Livingston: Hey look!  We have a point guard.

JaVale McGee: If only he rebounded like he dunks.

Mike Miller: This season's grim reality has set in.

Fabricio Oberto: Scored four points against Orlando on Saturday!

Quinton Ross: Only scored one point the entire week.

James Singleton: Gives the team some much needed toughness.

Al Thornton: Attempted 49 shots during four game span.

Nick Young: Attempted a much more modest 31 shots.

Flip Saunders: 18 more game Flip, 18 more games...