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Briefing: Lack of passing, rebounding dooms the Wizards

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Knicks Ambush Wizards - Dave Johnson, CSN Washington

"We are taking too many one-pass shots," Saunders said. "Sixty percent of our offense is one-pass or no-pass shots. We keep striving to change that, but we just haven’t bought into that and that’s the frustrating thing."

Wizards "play selfishly" and lose to Knicks - Michael Lee, Wizards Insider

Antawn Jamison agreed with Saunders's assessment of selfish play, but Andray Blatche said that looks were deceiving. "We have a lot of great players on this team. We all try to be that person to take us over the hump," Blatche said after scoring 14 points off the bench. "It wasn't that we tried to be selfish, we was trying to help the team. Everybody is trying hard to help the team. Guys are trying hard to do everything they can. That's how it looks, but that's not the case." What cannot be disputed is that this team is not the strongest mentally. A game after they got outscored 25-10 in the fourth quarter against the Celtics, the Wizards got outscored 66-40 in the second half against the Knicks. In the final seven minutes, they were outscored 23-6. Saunders explained that when teams go on runs, "We melt."

Knicks 107, Wizards 85 - Seth, Posting and Toasting

Brendan Haywood made it look like it was going to be another one of those games. He blocked the Knicks' first shot of the game and scored the Wizards' first two buckets off offensive rebounds. Instead of getting smushed down low, though, several Knicks stepped up to help Lee board. Wilson Chandler (6), Danilo Gallinari (9), Jared Jeffries (8), Nate Robinson (6), and Al Harrington (5) each lent a hand on the glass for an overall 47-31 edge. As long as the Knicks are without a 7-footer, team-wide commitment to rebounding has to be part of the gameplan, even at the risk of slowing the fast break.

Washington Wizards get run out of New York by the Knicks, 107-85 - Michael Lee, Washington Post

Foye made a three-pointer to give the Wizards a 56-47 lead with 7:14 left in the third quarter. But the Knicks answered with a 15-2 run, highlighted by back-to-back three-pointers by Al Harrington (12 points) to give the Knicks a 59-58 lead. They led 72-65 entering the fourth quarter when Larry Hughes (11 points) stole the ball from Young and raced down the floor for a layup. The Knicks shot 61.4 percent and outscored the Wizards 66-40 in the second half. "Defensively, I think everybody to a man can say they could've done a better job," Brendan Haywood said after scoring 12 points with eight rebounds. "It was a bad overall effort."

Instant Analysis: Wizards - Knicks - CSN Washington

Antawn Jamison continued his recent slump by scoring just eleven points in 40 minutes of play against the Knicks.  The fact that Caron Butler missed this game due to injury allowed New York to focus on Antawn and take him out of the game.  He attempted just ten shots after going 1-5 in the first half.  

Jamison has seen a drop-off in production in recent games.  In the last four he is averaging 12.2 ppg, well under his season average of over 21 per contest.

Given a Shot, Hughes Gives the Knicks a Boost - David Waldstein, New York Times

D’Antoni was so desperate for a spark, in fact, that he turned to a player whom he had relegated to the bench. Guard Larry Hughes, who did not play in 13 of the previous 15 games, came off the bench Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden and helped the Knicks to a 107-85 victory over Washington Wizards, halting a three-game losing streak. Hughes had not played in five games, but he made good on his vow to be ready when called upon. He scored a modest but meaningful 11 points in 18 minutes and helped ignite the Knicks’ offense with his signature defensive prowess.

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@BulletsForever DeShawn Stevenson: Mr. .050

Twitter / Rashad Mobley
Every time Andray Blatche goes behind his back, a little piece of Flip Saunders dies...

Twitter / Russ Bengtson
Wow, Mike James is in the game. Amityville, stand up!

Twitter / Chris Mannix
Knicks lead Wiz 72-65 after 3. Wiz have gone cold, offense looks out of synch. Lot of broken off iso plays.

Twitter / Truth_About_It
The Wizards are seriously playing like they don't give a f*ck. Am I surprised? No. Am I pissed nonetheless? A resounding yes.

Twitter / George V. Panagakos
Great feeling for Knicks tonight, a resounding low for Wizards

Twitter / Chase Hughes
I'm beginning to view Flip like I viewed Jim Zorn, wondering whether to feel sorry for him or remind myself he is making millions to do this

Twitter / Michael Jenkins
I wish the Wizards were lovable losers instead of just... uh... not so good.

Twitter / wizznutzz
Mike miller headin strait 2 jazzercise after game

Six words

Twitter / Mike Prada
On BF, we're brainstorming six-word phrases we don't want to hear. Already mentioned: "Blatche, with six on the shot clock."

Twitter / Truth_About_It
@BulletsForever Six bad words: JaVale McGee for the long jumper.

Twitter / Rashad Mobley
@BulletsForever: Boykins on the screen and roll....

Twitter / Jim Franck
@BulletsForever And the wizards will win. Ruffin...

Twitter / Pills
@bulletsforever Caron drives hard.... *whistle* offensive foul

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