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Shaun Livingston finds a temporary home

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Shaun Livingston held court with reporters after tonight's game, talking for the first time after signing with the Wizards.  He said that he had received other offers while working out in Chicago for the last two months, but decided to come to DC because it presented the right opportunity.

"I got some other offers, [but] I thought this was probably the best situation for me [in terms of] coming in and playing," Livingston said.

Livingston said he came in for a workout yesterday, meaning the Wizards needed less than 24 hours to decide to sign him (cue the "they didn't do their due diligence" crowd).  However, as Flip Saunders said before the game, Livingston impressed the staff with his basketball IQ and his recovery from his knee surgery.  As Flip said it, assistant coach Randy Wittman apparently felt Livingston looked much better than he did in October of last year, when Livingston came to camp with Wittman's old team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.  

"I'm being thrown in the fire," Livingston said, while smiling.  "Opportunity."

Livingston also said the Wizards' mix made an impression on him.

"They're resilient," he said.  "Guys staying together, playing hard.  Obviously, there's no chemistry, but what can you expect with so many new guys and guys playing so much more than they did before the trades.  It just shows character and resilience."

In tonight's game, Livingston got a couple spot minutes, with his most notable play being one where he was called for a five-second call on a key possession late in the game.

"I just told the [ref], Last time I got one of those, I was in the fifth grade.'"