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Quick thoughts: I like this team, but let's be realistic

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Sorry guys.  I know I promised final wraps for both of this weekend's games, but real life stuff got a bit more in the way than I expected.  I'm also working on a number of articles for this week.

My bottom line is this: we just aren't quite talented enough to win consistently.  Were there ways we could have won last night's game?  Absolutely.  We went too far away from Andray Blatche at times in the fourth quarter, and while I'm not thrilled with Randy Foye's point-guard play, that doesn't mean I want to see Earl Boykins stay in the game the entire fourth quarter when he clearly is not well-equipped to run an offense or guard Jarrett Jack.  

But to me, the most symbolic play of the night was Blatche's missed reverse layup with under a minute to play.  Why?  On a night where Blatche played out of his mind, he still reverted back to being Andray Blatche on the biggest possession of the game.  I don't blame Blatche at all for that, not on a night where he demonstrated so much growth in fighting through early foul trouble and staying patient, but if he's your best guy, you won't win many games.  That's why it was symbolic.

Don't get me wrong: I love watching this team as a fan.  It's refreshing to see a team that fights hard, even if they don't have the kind of talent or smarts.  I'd rather watch these guys than the listless bunch we've seen all season.  But that doesn't mean we're watching a good team.  I absolutely want these guys to believe they can make the playoffs, but it's not something I expect will happen.

Instead, let's appreciate the small victories.  Appreciate Josh Howard being aggressive (as opposed to Mr. Pump Fake), even if he made some silly plays defensively.  Appreciate James Singleton giving everything he has on every possession, even if he's neither big enough to guard power forwards or quick enough to guard small forwards.  Appreciate JaVale McGee running the floor like he should, even if he still doesn't quite understand where he's supposed to be offensively.  Most importantly, appreciate Blatche responding and kicking butt after facing some early foul trouble, even if he missed that reverse layup.  

The rest of the season isn't about wins and losses, folks.