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Gilbert Arenas needs a shirt. You do too.

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Last weekend, I mentioned the winner of the Bullets Forever All-Star Weekend Contest was going to win a T-Shirt.  Now, we're finally ready to unveil the shirt to the public.  

Since this site started back in 2006, injuries have been one of the most discussed topics here, so it's only fitting that injuries are incorporated into the design of the site's first shirt.  You can check the shirt out for yourself after the jump.


A big thanks goes out to Paul Wisse for putting together the design for us.  If you would like to purchase a shirt, head over to and click on Washington.  Or, you can just click here.  The shirts are $13.99 each.  Last time I checked, Gilbert Arenas jerseys on the clearance rack at my local are still selling for $15, so you're getting some great value with this shirt.  

Once you're done buying shirts for yourself, your family members, and everyone else within a 10 mile radius of your home, make sure you congratulate ArvydasEnvy on winning last weekend's contest and thus becoming the first person to get the new threads.