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Quick impressions of our new players

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This is just to get the ball rolling.  They're not meant to be complete evaluations or be seen as complete truth.  However, I've watched and studied Dallas a lot this year, and here's my snap impressions on the four guys we got:

Josh Howard: Similar to Caron Butler in that he's turned from a fill-in-the-blanks guy to a shotjacker, except Howard's decline has been more extreme because he's scoring less efficiently, shooting even more and doing it on a winning team with an established system instead of on a crappy team with a new system.

Drew Gooden: Has behaved this year and been a nice asset for the Mavs off the bench, but has done it because he got humbled after getting basically no contract offers last year.  His knuckle-headedness has also been kept in line in a strong Dallas clubhouse, and it might go by the wayside here.  However, when his head is screwed on right, he's a decent player.

Quinton Ross: A slightly better DeShawn Stevenson.  His shot is just as bad, but his defense is better.

James Singleton: His numbers look good in limited minutes, but he hasn't played much for two straight years under a very good coach in Rick Carlisle, so there's probably a good reason he's an afterthought.  Still, a possible diamond in the rough.