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All-Star Game Open Thread

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After a wildly unpredictable All-Star weekend, we come to the final night of All-Star weekend, which will determine which conference has the best players and who will win the Bullets Forever All-Star Weekend Contest.  Here's a quick check of the standings:

  • ArvydasEnvy - 5 correct picks
  • ReturnofSwagger, bwoodsxyz, gchaimso & ledellforlife - 4 correct picks
  • BlackEagle23, B I G, hibachi, ag3ntzero & JakeTheSnake - 3 correct picks

This year's festivities have proven rather unpredictable, save for Slam Dunk-In and H.O.R.S.E. competition.  The rookies snapped a 7 game losing streak in the Rookie Challenge, which only 4 people out of 12 correctly predicted.  Only one person correctly predicted Nate Robinson coming through with his 3rd victory in the Slam Dunk Contest and no one foresaw Paul Pierce winning the 3-Point contest.  You can view everyone's picks here.

This year's unpredictability leaves the field wide open going into tonight's game.  Almost everyone still has a chance to win and oh...tonight's game should be pretty fun too.  

This is your open thread, so relive your favorite All-Star memories here.