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It's Official: Wizards, Mavericks agree to deal

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[Editor's Note: Here is the link to tonight's open thread. -Jake]

UPDATE #3: Here is the official press release from the Wizards regarding the trade.  Thanks to disgrunted for the tip.

UPDATE #2: Here's another quote from Ernie Grunfeld on the trade, via CSN Washington:

"Our four new players bring versatility and the experience of playing in a winning situation," said Grunfeld. "Josh and Quinton can each play both the shooting guard and small forward positions while providing athleticism and outside shooting.  Drew can play both the power forward and center positions and he and James give us an inside presence that combines skill and toughness."

UPDATE: Lee tweets "Ernie Grunfeld on why he traded Caron, Brendan & DeShawn to DAL: "We needed some freshness on the team.""

According to Michael Lee, the deal that has been proposed and bantered around the past few days has been agreed upon.  Here's who is going where:

Washington receives
Josh Howard
Drew Gooden
Quinton Ross
James Singleton

Dallas receives
Caron Butler
Brendan Haywood
DeShawn Stevenson

Clearly, we're looking at a cost-cutting move here.  The only Maverick coming to Washington whose contract extends beyond this year is Quinton Ross, who has a player option for $1.1 million next season.  

We don't know what other deals were on the table, but what's clear is this: The Wizards are officially in rebuilding mode.  All rebuilding effort comes with an uncertain completion date, but at least we can say the process has begun, which means the end is much closer today than we have been for a long time.

We'll have more on this trade and any other moves that happen in the coming days, in the meantime, here is your place to discuss your thoughts on the deal and your favorite memories of the players who are headed to Dallas.