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All-Star Saturday Night Open Thread

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If you enjoy the athleticism, skill, and flair of the National Basketball Association, tonight is your night.  

Tonight may lack a truly competitive element, but tonight can help shape the careers of those who participate in tonight's events.  Where else can you see so many signature moments in one place?

Michael Jordan wouldn't be Air Jordan without the Slam Dunk contest.  We wouldn't remember Larry Bird's competitive spirit without the 3-Point contest.  We wouldn't automatically associate anything going between the legs with Jason Richardson if tonight's events didn't exist.  Without tonight, Dwight Howard would not be Superman.  Spud Webb wouldn't even be an afterthought in the minds of most NBA fans if it weren't tonight.

Hopefully you'll be tuning in to see what signature moments happen tonight, and if you are, here is your place to discuss what happens.