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Taking a break

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I really hate posts about myself, since you're here to talk Wizards and I don't want to put myself too much in the way of that.  However, between all the news this season, the new gig and all of that, I'm pretty wiped out.  

So, with the Wizards taking a break for All-Star Weekend, I'm also going to take a couple days off.  I'm going to visit my girlfriend in New York, and I'll be back Monday night.  If something major happens, i.e. a trade, I'll probably pop in, but Jake's going to be managing content in the meantime.  

(If you're wondering whether that means I'm missing the All-Star Weekend festivities, not a chance.  I'll probably catch them on delay).  

Jake's got some pretty cool things planned for the weekend, so don't go away.  We also have a couple site things that we're hoping to roll out this weekend.  There's also the FanPosts and FanShot sections, and I'm sure Jake will be promoting relevant content as usual.

Enjoy the festivities, and I'll see you all Monday.