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Keys to the Palace: Tweet Evaluations

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2-1 record for the week. Not bad. Then again, the Wizards' wins this week came against the Knicks and the Nets and their loss came against the defending champion Lakers.

In a week where the Wizards played opposite ends of the talent spectrum, it's hard to come to a fair grade on most of the players this week. To aid our efforts this week, we're using two new tools. First, we have a new grade for evaluation. Players who fall in the gap between receiving a golden key and a red lock of shame will be given the blue guest pass of indifference:


Additionally, this week we'll be relying on commentary from Twitter for each player. Enjoy!

Andray Blatche

Twitter / Michael Lee
Odd night in NJ. The Wiz have 41 of 71 pts from the bench. Andray Blatche has 14. He's bounced back from those terrible reverse layups.


Earl Boykins

Twitter / SmokeyCloud
Earl Boykins's Last Second Heroics would be a great band name.


Caron Butler

Twitter / J. Darnell Tillman
Caron Butler pump fakes more than Ben Roethelisberger...with FAR less results


Randy Foye

Twitter / Doc Funk
Randy Foye is hitting parts of the backboard I didn't even know existed.


Brendan Haywood

Twitter / Jared Wade
Haven't seen that drop-step dunk from Brendan Haywood in some time. Then again, who actually watches DC play?


Mike James

Twitter / Mike James
Throw this old pitbull a bone. I'm hungry.


Antawn Jamison

Twitter / George V. Panagakos
They should sell Antawn Jamison undershirts at the Wizards store


JaVale McGee

Twitter / Truth_About_It
JaVale McGee, the human loss cigar checks in, looked "thrilled" on his way to scorer's table. Checks in w 30 secs. left, Wiz down 15.


Dominic McGuire

Twitter / Desmond D Dubs S.
all this lebron wade and melo talk! wat about the real ballers like Dominic McGuire lmfao!!


Mike Miller

Twitter / Lyle Ishida
Dear Ernie Grunfeld: Plz re-sign Mike Miller to a 3-yr extension over the summer. Thanks a lot.


Fabricio Oberto

Twitter / Sham's Ports
By recording 2 points, 0 rebounds and 6 fouls tonight, Fabricio Oberto has upped his season totals to 36 points, 43 rebounds and 63 fouls.


DeShawn Stevenson

Twitter / Tas Melas
I'd like to make a joke about DeShawn Stevenson entering the game, but he does a pretty good job on his own. #wizards #nba


Nick Young

Twitter / Mike Prada
In case you're wondering, Nick Young is inactive tonight. I can't even see him on the bench at the moment.


Flip Saunders

Twitter / Jonathan Grella
Flip Saunders at the Rookery. Geez...