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John Wall may miss Friday's game against the Knicks

So John Wall being out was a not-so-pleasant surprise last night.  It looked like he wanted to play, but the Wizards said no, but I'm just basing that on the body language I saw.  Given what happened last night, I don't blame the guy for wanting to play and do something about it.  But of course, given how he is the franchise now, I don't blame the Wizards for being cautious.

But you want to know about whether he'll play on Friday, right?  The answer, per Michael Lee, is, maybe not.

He said after the game that the pain in his foot what started in his arch has suddenly moved under his toes, making it hard for him to push off the way he would like. Wall wasn't sure about his availability on Friday against the New York Knicks.

"It's tough to miss games," Wall said. "It would've great to play because of DeMarcus, but also just help the team get a road win. Came up short again. Just got to find ourselves. Start competing more."

When asked if he thought Wall's injury would force him to miss significant time, Saunders said, "I hope not. He's having problems with his feet. He's got to do something to get that taken care of."

The Wizards have handled this situation oddly, proclaiming Wall as day-to-day only to keep ruling him out of games.  Maybe it's because Wall genuinely wants to play every game.  Either way, given the team's history and these comments, I'd be surprised if he suited up against the Knicks.