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Wizards get lit up by Suns

Another road game, another non-competitive loss.  Yayyy.

I was discussing this on Twitter, but I figured I'd throw it out here as a discussion: is this a roster construction issue or a coaching issue?  We've all ragged on Flip Saunders plenty this year, but I lean toward the roster construction problem.  There are too many guys on this team that do the same thing.  There are too many guards who like to dribble around and make plays.  There are too many guys who can score, but need shots.  There are too many perimeter-oriented big men, too many guys who pop and don't roll and too many bigs who don't rebound.  There aren't enough high-IQ defenders, three-point shooters, rebounders, good cutters or guys who can function without the ball. 

It says something about the state of this team that we love Alonzo Gee and Cartier Martin so much.  Fact of the matter is, those guys wouldn't stand out on other teams.  I like them, of course, but they are, right now, borderline NBA players.  But they at least display some of those missing capabilities sometimes, enough times where they look a lot better because they are so different from their teammates.  

On the flip side, we are frustrated by some players' weaknesses so much that we forget their strengths.  We forget that Andray Blatche has really developed his jumper and is capable of beating slower bigs off the dribble because he's weak, doesn't rebound and doesn't defend.  We forget that Nick Young can really light it up because he doesn't pass, doesn't rebound and is so streaky.  We forget Kirk Hinrich is such a smart player because he dribbles so much.  Etc.  If this team had more unique parts, we'd appreciate their strengths instead of being frustrated by their weaknesses.  But because we count on them to be someone they aren't, we get frustrated by them.  That, I think, is on Ernie Grunfeld and the rest of the management team.

But that's just me.  Which side do you all fall on with this question?