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Wizards come up short down the stretch, lose to Rockets

There seems to be a pecking order issue down the stretch.  Honestly, I'd rather see Nick Young shooting many of the shots Andray Blatche did.  There was only one really well-executed play in the final few minutes, and it was Young slipping off Wall for an open jumper.  Otherwise, they lost their poise.

We know what Blatche is at this point, so why are we trying to isolate him on Chuck Hayes over and over again?  That play isn't a very efficient one.  If you really feel like Blatche is your best offensive weapon, then find another way to get him the ball.  Have him screen for a guard first, and if he's open on the roll or pop, give it to him.  That's a much more efficient play.

Also, I think JaVale McGee deserved more minutes down the stretch, maybe in Dray's place.    

Still, keep this in mind: Houston is playing very well and we were right with them.  I know we're all tired of moral victories, but I think these guys are getting close to getting over the top.  The first step is being competitive, and they have been.  The next step is building on that.  Sometimes, it takes time.