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Washington Wizards at Houston Rockets: Regular Season Game 29 Open Thread

I've been away from the computer most of the day, since I'm taking off from work for the week, but here are a couple things I did see that are worth pointing out.

First things first, Gilbert Arenas gave a really weird interview with Michael Wallace of ESPN that included the following tidbits.

  • He's seen worse in a locker room than the gun incident last year, then declines to say what those things are. Umm ...
  • He said the atmosphere in the locker room after the incident was "no different than it usually is." I bet Javaris Crittenton disagrees.
  • He said that Brendan Haywood joked to him that he lost his "protection" when Abe Pollin passed away. I have no idea what that means, and I can't tell whether he's putting himself down with that quote or not.
  • He reiterates that the Wizards didn't want him back.
  • He relayed a conversation he had with Nick Young where he claims Young told him that Rashard Lewis "feels like the world just ended."
  • He said he had no need to look back with any regret on what happened because he has his fresh start.

That's one strange set of revelations. You have to wonder if Arenas is just tired of answering the same questions from the same people and is throwing out a bunch of ridiculous things in response. He has done stuff like that in the past.

Other stuff:

  • Remember that John Wall SLAM profile from last month? Here it is in text form.
  • Yeah, yeah, we get it: Nick Young doesn't pass much or well. Startling stats, to be sure, but stuff that most of us knew. He's a limited player that's learned to be effective playing to his strengths, and he isn't playing to his strengths well without John Wall healthy over this past stretch.
  • Kirk Hinrich continues to adjust to many different roles. I think Ernie Grunfeld decided three years ago to only acquire players who can play two positions.

The Rockets are surging even without Yao, so this game is going to be tough. Kevin Martin is an underrated player that will be a handful for Young tonight. Zero and 15 is a very real possibility. And, of course, there's the whole thing with Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee, who will surely be on a short leash from everyone here. I think they deserve the chance to keep their jobs with their play on the court, so I'd start them tonight, but they're certainly on notice. Indeed, they will start, with Rashard Lewis sliding down to small forward.