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One last Gilbert Arenas tribute from Mike Wise (UPDATED)


Apologies everyone, but we've taken the article down.  Mike initially said we could run it, but after seeing it online, he's asked me to take it down because SB Nation are competitors with the Washington Post.  To sum up his comments, I will give you my my favorite line from the email:

  • " Gilbert was always the same guy, floating with ease among every race and every class. Looking back, the only thing that was a little disconcerting was Gilbert's need for approval from them all."
For those who haven't read it, my apologies, but out of respect to Mike, I've taken it down.

I realize that we're two days removed from Gilbert Arenas Tribute Day, and everyone kind of just wants to move on.  However, I wanted to throw out just one more Arenas tribute post for you all to read.

As part of the day, I reached out to a number of writers, journalists and fans who covered Gilbert Arenas' Wizards career closest.  I did it on short notice, so most people just pointed to the work they had done on him in the past and invited me to link it.  However, earlier today, I got a response from Mike Wise, the one guy who may know Arenas better than any other media member in D.C.  Wise was away from his email and just got what I sent him, and sent back this essay with some really powerful thoughts.  He said that I should feel free to post them and that he may use some of them for a column when Arenas returns on February 4.

His thoughts are below the jump. For anyone who cares about Arenas, I highly encourage you all to read this.