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Links: Where and how does Rashard Lewis play?

A couple links of note this afternoon:

  • Rashard Lewis is making his debut tonight coming off the bench, so what should we expect?  
  • Flip Saunders says he wants Lewis to play like he did in Seattle, where he posted up smaller players and took advantage of mismatches, instead of how he played in Orlando, when he was merely a shooter. [Wizards Insider]
  • A great look at whether Lewis is better at small forward or power forward.  I'm with Kyle here - I'd play him at power forward since the floor spacing would be weird with him at the 3. [Truth About It]
  • Great story on Nick Young's emergence and how he'll be the last guy introduced until John Wall returns. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Gilbert Arenas was reflective as usual after the Hawks game, saying he's happy for the first time since his injury and that the situation in D.C. was weird because everyone was trying to force the welcoming atmosphere.  Well, of course they did, Gil. [Washington Post (video)Marc Spears for Yahoo!SB Nation D.C.]
  • He also was reflective after the Mavericks game, saying he didn't want to get Albert Haynesworth'd [Bog]
  • Finally, Arenas said one issue with being in D.C. is that the big men were bad at setting screens. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Okay, one more Arenas thing: Dan Steinberg wrote this essay about how the Gilbertology era was fun, but empty because the team stopped winning.  I argued with him about this on Twitter, and he now says he may reconsider his position based on another reader comment.  Agree or disagree, it's certainly well-written.  I just happen to think that sports are more than about titles, and I'm surprised to see Steinberg take the position he did.  [Bog]
  • Remember Earl Boykins? He killed the Lakers last night. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Finally, here's more on John Wall's injury. [Us]