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Gilbert Arenas thanks Wizards fans for making him "feel like a rockstar" in D.C.

Gilbert Arenas was known as being the best in all of sports at connecting to his fanbase.  Over the years, he interacted directly with us in a way no athlete ever has before.  So it's only fitting that Arenas would want to do the same now that he's on his way to Orlando.

A few minutes ago, Comcast SportsNet's Chris Miller read a text message he received from Arenas on the air on Geico SportsNite.  The text message thanked the Wizards' decision-makers, and had one last message of gratitude to us, the fans.  Chris was gracious enough to send me a copy of the text message, which I'll post below the jump. 

I know it didn't end like I would have liked.  I had a great time playing in Washington - they made me feel like a rock star while I was here. I wish I could have took them further than the second round. 

I wanna thank Mr. and Mrs. Pollin, Ernie, Eddie, every teammate I went to war with on that basketball court. Thanks [sic.] you for believing in me.

I wanna thank Mr. Leonsis for giving me a chance to regain some basketball respect back in my career, and I hope nothing but the best from him and the Wizards.

Last but not least I want to thank the great fans of Washington. It was an honor playing for you guys for 8 years.

I hope when it's all said and done. I entertained you when you enetered those doors at the MCI/Verizon Center and can forgive me as a man for the mistakes I've made.