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Wizards' rally comes up short against the Nets

I know we should be happy that the Wizards showed a lot of fight in the second half to rally, but I can't help but be annoyed that we didn't see that kind of effort earlier in the game.  There's no reason to come out that poorly on the road against a team like the New Jersey Nets.  It's so hard to come back from a hole like that, and the Wizards just couldn't quite do it.  They tried, but naturally, they pressed, because it's such a huge hole to climb out of.  That explains Gilbert Arenas' technical and dumb foul late in the game - he expended so much effort to rally and it took too much out of him.  

From our perspective as fans, we can take away the positives with that second half and feel good about ourselves.  From the team's perspective, though, there are no moral victories in this one.  You simply cannot win in this league with that inconsistent an effort.  I don't know what was said at halftime, but you shouldn't need it, not when you're already 0-12 on the road this season.  I don't want to see these guys take any satisfaction out of this comeback without also realizing that they dug their own hole in the first place.