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Quick Poll: Does Flip Saunders Need To Be More Demonstrative?

As I sat there and watched the Wizards get run out of their own building again, and as I watched the FT disparity pile up and Ron Artest shove Nick Young around the court I began to wonder whether Flip Saunders needs to show a little more passion out there when coaching the team. I didn't expect the Wizards to win, but after the umpteenth ticky tack foul call, the endless push offs by Lakers and well timed shoves, well I thought Flip would blow his top.

Instead he just passively took in the fact that his team was getting pounded. Now, it's the Lakers. I get that, I really do. But somewhere on the road trip from hell along to tonight I figured that Flip would finally give someone a piece of his mind. Get a technical. Rally the troops. Leave Randy Wittman to sink or swim on his own. Anything but this benign passivity that seems to effect both the team and the coaching staff.

I leave it to you. Does Flip need to show some more fire and brimstone out there?